Fountain Protocol

Documentation for the Fountain Protocol

What is Fountain Protocol?

Fountain Protocol is the first cross-chain lending platform powered by Oasis. The protocol enables users to experience high capital efficiency one-stop management of DeFi assets. Taking advantage of the extremely efficient and low-cost Oasis Network, Fountain Protocol establishes a multi-revenue protocol with a fund pool as the core and multiple application scenarios.

Features of Fountain Protocol

  • Multi-Chain Deployment
Fountain Protocol will realize multi-chain deployment to keep abreast with the global deployment trend. As high fees of Ethereum have been a hindrance to the future development of blockchain, many high-performance public chains have sprung into being, these public chains have become an important underlying infrastructure for blockchain world.
  • Leverage Trading
As a lending protocol, Fountain Protocol can be used as a means to long and short.Through the act of supplying, borrowing and selling assets using Fountain Protocol, an easily managed, capital efficient and decentralized means to long and short cryptocurrency is available to our users.
  • Cross-chain Lending
Fountain Protocol aims to become a cross-chain lending platform as aggregation features the trend of DeFi. Different DeFi protocols can be freely integrated and combined in Lego way, the significant advange will accelerate and shape the aggregation of future blockchain.
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