Fountain Protocol

Documentation for the Fountain Protocol

Fountain Protocol is a decentralized multi-chain lending platform built on Oasis and Arbitrum. The protocol enables users to experience high capital efficiency and one-stop management of DeFi assets and establishes a multi-revenue protocol with a fund pool as the core and multiple application scenarios.

Since the explosion in popularity of the decentralized finance ecosystem in 2020, borrowing and lending platforms have become core infrastructure within the crypto space. Not only do they provide users the ability to leverage their crypto assets, obtaining liquidity from their investments while simultaneously earning interest.

Platforms that grant the ability to borrow, lend, and earn yields on crypto holdings are one of the key applications users look for on any emerging blockchain. They have become fundamental building blocks of DeFi, enabling new possibilities for finance and investments in the decentralized world.

Fountain Protocol aims to play a central role in provisioning these core borrowing, lending, and yield generation services in the multi-chain world. It grants the ability to earn high returns on crypto assets and borrow assets to users in a trustless, secure, and economically efficient manner. By supporting interfaces and smart contracts that adhere to various blockchain standards, Fountain can seamlessly integrate with other protocols and platforms. This allows for a true cross-chain DeFi experience, providing opportunities to access lending markets, earn yield, and generate liquidity from crypto holdings across different networks.

Fountain Protocol is building the infrastructure to foster an open and interoperable DeFi ecosystem. By developing the fundamental services, Fountain hopes to advance the frontier of open finance and unlock new possibilities for leverage trading and cross-chain lending. A more robust, broad, and trustless DeFi lending infrastructure is key to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based financial tools. Fountain aspires to help make this vision a reality through innovative products and strong network effects.

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