Multi-Chain Implementation

Fountain's multi-chain integration

The goal of Fountain Protocol is to expand across multiple blockchains in order to deliver its decentralized and economically efficient financial services as widely as possible. It aims to become a key infrastructure provider for open finance through broad interoperability and access to lending markets. Currently, Fountain is available on the following chains:

- The Oasis Mainnet

- The Arbitrum Layer 2 scaling solution

Fountain's goal is to expand to additional networks over time, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and others. By developing seamless interfaces between chains, Fountain hopes to enable a truly interoperable DeFi experience for users. They will be able to access lending opportunities, generate yield, and borrow assets across different platforms through Fountain's services.

The Fountain decentralized application grants users access to these various networks through its integration with compatible Web3 wallets. Users are able to select the network they wish to interact with from the platform’s main page, an action that will automatically trigger the selection of the correct network by their browser-integrated Web3 wallet. This allows for a streamlined multi-chain borrowing and lending experience within a single application.

By developing infrastructure to support its services across multiple blockchains, Fountain Protocol is working to advance the frontier of broad interoperability and access in open finance. The future is one of cross-chain DeFi, and Fountain strives to play a leading role in making that vision a reality for more users and applications. Strong networks and interoperability are key to mainstream adoption, and Fountain is paving the way to make that future a reality.

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