The ongoing developments of Fountain Protocol

Fountain Protocol research is taking place in the following areas in order to prepare for the following future integrations:

Multi-chain Expansion

Today’s DeFi dApps leave users stuck on a series of siloed islands. Products are wedded to single chains and force users to choose between ecosystems. The result: DeFi users can’t unlock their collateral to its fullest extent. Tomorrow’s dApps are natively interconnected. They are chain-agnostic and secular by design.

Fountain Protocol will realize multi-chain deployment to keep abreast with the global deployment trend. We help users enjoy a natively multi-chain experience without the hassle, complication, and capital inefficiency of hopping between fragmented ecosystems.

Leverage Trading

As a lending protocol, Fountain Protocol can be used as a means to long and short. We are incredibly excited about the future launch of leveraged trading as we continue to push DeFi forward and build a decentralized and efficient financial system for the crypto-native economy.

Leveraged trading is a paradigm shift in DeFi lending that will revolutionize the industry. The product will improve capital efficiency in the crypto-native economy and offer lenders the opportunity to earn attractive returns without compromising on trustlessness, transparency, or counterparty risk.

Cross-chain Lending

Fountain Protocol aims to become a cross-chain lending platform as aggregation features the trend of DeFi. Fountain will be a one-stop shop for all of a user's liquidity needs. As a DeFi investor, you can deposit all your digital assets into a single protocol, Fountain, across different chains and receive a single revolving line of credit. No matter where your collateral is located or where you need a loan, we have you covered.

Fountain Protocol makes your crypto work for you as collateral regardless of what chain it’s on or what kind of token it is. Rather than borrowing against each asset individually, you can take out a loan on any chain and it will be backed by the collateral value of your cross-assets.

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