The ongoing developments of Fountain Protocol
Fountain Protocol is research is taking place in the following areas in order to prepare for the following future integrations:
  • Leverage Trading
  • Cross-chain Lending

Leverage Trading

Using a lending platform to go long or short a certain asset is a very common investment strategy, and Fountain Protocol provides a trading scenario for lending by adding the function of one-click leverage, while providing traders with leveraged trading services. This can greatly increase the frequency and size of lending and borrowing, thus increasing capital efficiency.

Cross-chain Lending

It is the intention that Fountain Protocol will be the borrowing and lending platform across blockchains. The protocol will allow users to leverage assets across blockchains to be used for borrowing and lending activities.
In simple terms, users can supply assets in chain A and assets in chain B, thus participating in enjoying the mining revenue of chain B. This particular innovation will have the major advantage and broaden the number of assets we are able to cover and where we offer our services.