The tokens that can be used on Fountain Protocol

Fountain Protocol has opened markets for ROSE, WETH, USDC, and USDT(Using Wormhole Bridge). Users will be able to lend and borrow each of these assets at rates determined by the market, with a 60% loan-to-value ratio.

Supported AssetsAddress









Emerald is an Oasis ParaTime providing an Ethereum-compatible blockchain for the Oasis Network. For first-time users on Fountain Protocol, you may refer to the guides below to prepare assets for the protocol.

How to Transfer ROSE into Emerald ParaTime

Step 1. Install the Oasis Wallet Browser extension, restore your existing or create a new Oasis wallet. Read this tutorial to learn how to Install and set up Oasis Wallet.

Step 2. Once done, you can deposit your ROSE to Emerald ParaTime. Navigate to the “ParaTimes” tab and click the “Receive” button. Then scan the QR code or copy the wallet address to deposit your ROSE to Emerald ParaTime.

Step 3. You can now transfer your ROSE to MetaMask. Navigate to the “ParaTimes” tab. Notice two ParaTimes: Emerald and Cipher with the corresponding ParaTime IDs. Under Emerald click on the “To ParaTime” button.

Step 4. Fill in the “Amount” of ROSE that you want to transfer and your MetaMask address in the “To” field you imported/created before. Then, click “Next”, confirm the transaction.

Step 5. Now you can verify your balance in MetaMask.

You can also follow here to view How to Transfer ROSE into Emerald ParaTime.

How to Transfer ETH/ERC20 into Emerald ParaTime

You can bring your assets, i.e., ETH, USDC, USDT, from Ethereum, BSC, Polygon or Avalanche to Emerald ParaTime using the Wormhole token bridge. Get your assets ready in your MetaMask to be transferred over to Oasis.

Step 1. Visit Wormhole Bridge Transfer application at https://portalbridge.com/#/transfer.

Step 2. [1] Source is to point Source to the network from where you want to transfer your tokens to Ethereum and set the Target to Oasis. Then click Connect to connect your wallet with the Wormhole Bridge.

Step 3. Select an asset from all available assets in your wallet, e.g. ETH, to be transferred to Oasis.

Noted: If you select the asset on the source chain that are not on the Ethernet network, you have to swap these assets to USDet or ETH (wormhole) on source chain and then bridge to Oasis using the wormhole, please check here for the contract addresses.

Users can also bridge the following Wormhole wrapped tokens to Oasis


  • USDTet (Dn4noZ5jgGfkntzcQSUZ8czkreiZ1ForXYoV2H8Dm7S1)

  • ETH(wormhole) (7vfCXTUXx5WJV5JADk17DUJ4ksgau7utNKj4b963voxs)

Binance Smart Chain

  • USDTet (0x524bc91dc82d6b90ef29f76a3ecaabafffd490bc)

  • ETH(wormhole) (0x4db5a66e937a9f4473fa95b1caf1d1e1d62e29ea)


  • USDTet (0x9417669fbf23357d2774e9d421307bd5ea1006d2)

  • ETH(wormhole) (0x11cd37bb86f65419713f30673a480ea33c826872)


  • ETH(wormhole) (0x8b82A291F83ca07Af22120ABa21632088fC92931)


  • weETH(terra14tl83xcwqjy0ken9peu4pjjuu755lrry2uy25r)

Step 4. Enter the Amount of tokens you want to transfer and click Next. Then confirm in MetaMask wallet.

Step 5. You will then proceed to [2] Target. Confirm the recipient address and the amount of WETH tokens to be transferred and click Next.

Step 6. Now you have to [3] Send Tokens to the Wormhole Bridge. Click Transfer.

Step 7. Confirm the Transfer of ETH from Ethereum to wETH on Oasis Emerald by clicking Confirm.

Step 8. Now you are ready to redeem your tokens on the Oasis Emerald. Confirm the wallet approval in your MetaMask.

Step 9. You just bridged your first ETH to wETH on Oasis Emerald.

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