Testing Fountain

Test-only network for testing out upcoming features and changes to Fountain Protocol.


If you would like to test the Fountain Protocol without spending real assets, you'll be happy to know that you can do this over the testnet client. You can find the Fountain testnet client available at https://www.ftp.cash/dashboard.

Guide to Test Fountain

Step 1: Add the Oasis Testnet to Metamask

Visit https://ftp.cash/, then Approve Fountain to switch the MetaMask network to Emerald Testnet. Or Click on “Custom RPC” and enter the following information:

• Network Name: Emerald Testnet

• New RPC URL: https://testnet.emerald.oasis.dev

• Chain ID: 42261

• Symbol: ROSE

• Block Explorer URL: https://testnet.explorer.emerald.oasis.dev/

Press “Save” after filling in the information above.

You have now successfully added the Emerald Testnet to your Metamask.

Step 2: Get Testnet Coins

Visit https://ftp.cash/ then click the Faucet menu on the left side of the screen and choose the testnet coin you want to receive for free.

Step 3: Test the Product

1.Test as Supplier

Go to https://ftp.cash/dashboard/markets chose deposit the token that you’ve already got faucet: ROSE, ETH, USDT, or USDC in the SUPPLY dashboard.

Enter the amount of the token to be supplied or press Max to deposit the wallet's entire balance of that token, then press the Supply button to initiate to transaction and deposit the tokens.

Noted: If this is your first time using this token you’ll need to perform two transactions. The first is to approve the Fountain smart contract to withdraw your tokens from your wallet and the second is to perform the actual transaction.

After confirmation on your MetMask, you have successfully deposited the asset to Fountain and it starts earning interest.

To implement [Withdraw], you need to go to the [Market] page and snap on [Withraw].

Select the amount to withdraw and click [Continue] to process the withdrawal transaction

2. Test as a borrower

Before borrowing, the user is required to deposit an accepted asset to be used as collateral. Ensure that the "Use as Collateral" tab is enabled in the "Supply" section as shown in the image below:

Then click on the MARKETS tab on the menu and click on "Borrow"

Select the type of asset from the drop box menu in the "Borrow" dashboard, then enter the amount of the token to be borrowed or press 80% Limit

Confirm on your MetaMask wallet to complete the borrow process, Now you have borrowed successfully ​and it starts accruing payable interest.

To repay your asset, you need to go to the [Borrow] section in the dashboard and snap on [Repay].

Please input the amount of borrow asset you want to repay, then click [Continue]

The system will show you the statistics about the transaction, please check it carefully and make sure that it is correct, then click [Approve] to confirm your transaction.

Click [Repay] to finish your repay process.

3. Test the rewards function

To earn more rewards, FTP holders can easily stake their tokens onto Fountain Protocol. You can claim your mined FTP in REWARDS tab. Click "Claim" and then approve the transaction in MetaMask popup.

Click on the REWARDS tab on the menu and click on "stake" in the stake(FTP) page.

Enter the amount of the token to be staked or press Max to deposit the wallet's entire balance of FTP. If you stake FTP for the first time, you will need to Approve transactions against this asset. Click "Enable" and approve the transaction in MetaMask popup.

Click “Stake”. Once the transaction is confirmed, FTP is successfully staked over Fountain and your FTP rewards will automatically accrue!

And you can also deposit your Yuzu DEX Liquidity Provider tokens to earn rewards.

Click on the REWARDS tab on the menu and click on "Deposit" in the Yuzu DEX Rewards page.

In the FTP/ROSE LP, you have to deposit FTP and ROS tokens of the same USD value. Make sure that you have sufficient assets of each type. Enter the equivalent amount of FTP or ROSE that you want to deposit. The other field will get filled up automatically.

Approve the pool if you haven’t already, then click "Enable" and approve the transaction in MetaMask popup.

Click “Deposit” and once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive an amount of LP tokens equal to your share of liquidity.


I want to try testnet client?

You just need to connect to the test client at https://www.ftp.cash/dashboard. Then switch to the test network to use Oasis testnet and get some tokens from the test client faucet.

How to get tokens for testing?

You can get tokens to test over at https://ftp.cash/dashboard/faucet. You just need to select the tokens you want and submit the transaction.

Can I access Fountain Protocol functionalities in testing?

Yes, with the testnet version, you can test all the functionalities available in the mainnet app, but please take into account the data displayed won't be exactly the same as the data shown in the mainnet client.

Don't be shy, if there is anything missing or unclear, please drop in to our Discord server or Telegram group where our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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