User Guide

Supply, borrow, farm and stake using the Fountain Protocol


Fountain Protocol is a non-custodial liquidity market protocol, built on Oasis. Based on the extremely efficient and low-cost Oasis Network, Fountain Protocol establishes a multi-revenue protocol with a fund pool as the core and multiple application scenarios.
Users now can effortlessly supply, borrow, and earn interest with their digital assets on Fountain Protocol. Depositors providing liquidity to the protocol may earn passive income, while borrowers are able to borrow in an over-collateralized manner.

Getting Started

Preparing Assets

This tutorial will help you to install a new MetaMask account in your Chrome browser and set up the Oasis network in your MetaMask. If you have set up, you can skip to the next section.
For first time users on Oasis, you may refer to the guides below to prepare assets for the Fountain Protocol. If you have already bridged your asset into Oasis, you can skip to the next section.

Supply Assets

The user deposits their preferred asset that is accepted by the protocol. Users will be able to earn interest based on the asset's market demand for borrowing. To supply a token to Fountain Protocol, all a user need do is:
  • Click on the MARKETS tab on the menu and click on "SUPPLY"
  • Select the type of asset from the drop box menu in the SUPPLY dashboard. Note: The first deposit of an asset will require an approval transaction
  • Enter the amount of the token to be supplied or press Max to deposit the wallet's entire balance of that token
  • Press the Supply button to initiate to transaction and deposit the tokens
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, the deposit is successfully registered and it starts earning interest.
On supplying an asset to Fountain Protocol, users will receive in return fTokens. These fTokens are the interest-bearing versions of the underlying asset.

Borrow Assets

Before borrowing, the user is required to deposit an accepted asset to be used as collateral. Ensure that the "Use as Collateral" tab is enabled in the "Supply" section as shown in the image below:
An asset with the collateralization toggle turned on
  • Click on the MARKETS tab on the menu and click on "Borrow"
  • Select the type of asset from the drop box menu in the "Borrow" dashboard
  • Enter the amount of the token to be borrowed or press 80% Limit
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, the borrow is successful and it starts accruing payable interest
The maximum amount that can be borrowed depends on the value deposited and the available liquidity. The user cannot borrow an asset if there is not enough liquidity or if their Health doesn’t permit them to.

Farm $FTP & $YUZU

In the Farm feature of Fountain, you can stake FTP - ROSE LP tokens to start earning rewards in $FTP and $YUZU tokens. Here are the steps to get started with Farm Pool:
Don't be shy, if there is anything missing or unclear, please drop into our Discord server or Telegram group where our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.